GUS is the largest network of damage restoration professionals, with the industry’s most complete line of services for damaged buildings and their contents. No matter when, what, how big or what the effects of the damage—you can count on GUS.

Facing disaster is GUS’s bread and butter. When you choose GUS to tackle damage caused by water, fire, wind, oil, vandals, or other causes, you’re choosing a multidisciplinary team known for finding innovative solutions and always staying ahead of the pack.

Post-disaster restoration

  • Restoration of damage caused by fire, soot, smoke, water, oil, vandalism, etc.
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Decontamination of building structure and contents
  • Dehumidification
  • Odour neutralization and air purification
  • Removal and storage of building contents

Demolition, renovation and construction

  • Boarding up
  • Restoration of damage caused by fire, soot, smoke, water, oil, vandalism, etc.
  • Complete damage restoration services: structural,
  • carpentry, electrical, plumbing, heating, painting, plastering, interior and exterior finishing, roofing, etc.
  • Site securing and debris removal
  • Computerized cost estimates


  • Odour elimination and antibacterial treatment
  • Deodorization rooms
  • Leather, suede and fur cleaning services
  • Sporting goods cleaning
  • Shoe cleaning and repair
  • Storage

Structural Drying

  • Dehumidification by desiccation
  • Temperature control (heating, air conditioning and temporary ventilation)
  • Mould prevention
  • Air testing and purification
  • Energy generation
  • Soundproof generator units

Cleaning and Restoration of Electronics (By Third Party)

  • Electronics cleaning and restoration
  • Repairs, cleaning, and refurbishing
  • Detailed computerized estimates
  • Onsite pick-up and delivery
  • Onsite operations
  • Damage reduction and stabilization
  • Post-disaster cleaning

Duct Cleaning

  • Ventilation ducts cleaning
  • Heating and ventilation ducts cleaning
  • Furnace ducts (electric, oil, or wood) cleaning
  • Heat pumps and air exchange systems cleaning
  • Dryer outlets and bathroom fans cleaning and inspection
  • Damage restoration experts
  • Dryer pipe cleaning